Steel and Concrete Mono Stringer with Clamped Glass Railing System

What an exciting opportunity to work on this staircase for the Full House Lottery 2019 Grand Prize Home. We collaborated with the in house design team at Parkwood Master Builders in Edmonton. They envisioned a high contrast stair design that was both modern and warm. The end result was a blend of 2 different stair designs into one home and the contrast is stunning. 

The stairs leading up are an open rise steel and concrete mono stringer with clamped glass railing system. Very modern in style and feel. This is drastically contrasted by the warmth of the closed rise eastern/western walnut stairs going down.

The beauty of these contrasting designs is that they are tied together with the same railing system, clamped glass panel railing with walnut handrail. As this was a lottery home, safety was a high priority so we took extra measures to go beyond what the building code requires. We designed stepped glass railing to mirror the steps of the stairs and eliminate the space that is traditionally open.

We loved partnering with Parkwood to create this modern masterpiece!


Project Date: 2018

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