Different type of Renovations:


Basic: Renovation refers to repairing existing defects or damages, thus improving the quality of the home. Some examples include: (Broken or damage treads, spindles)

Cosmetic: Reno is the process of adding new features to a house or business to increase the value of the property and thus the appeal for potential buyers. Example of cosmetic work is (changing the whole railing system to make it more kids friendly or just to improve visualization)

Personal: Refers to those conducted by home owners in the search of a better and more comfortable life style. Homeowners who plan to live in their houses for most of their lives, and see their home as a temple. An example of this is (changing their old staircase for a more modern and stylish look)

I would highly recommend them for any new project or renovation. They offer the latest products and design options in the industry with the craftsmanship you do not typically see with most supplier.

– Cathy B., Designer

 Some Benefits of Renovations:


Enhance appearance

Increase property value

Increase space

Brings your house back to life


Why Specialized is the best option for you?


Here at Specialized we understand that constructions and renovations can be overwhelming sometimes, and that is why we do everything for you. OUR long-standing reputation in exceeding customers’ expectations is legendary. We guarantee you a clean and safe environment while we are on site. With our latest equipment we are able to work with minimal to no debris or dirt. We care deeply about our clients; we work hard and we love what we do.


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