With modern style at the forefront, our clients are constantly coming to us looking for modern railing options. Glass railing is a sure way to bring this style to your staircase.

Glass railing easily highlights clean architectural lines, minimalist aesthetic, and open space and feel. We love how glass facilitates the flow of light in a home and brings modern textures to a space through the combinations of glass, stainless steel, and wood.

Here is a collection of our top 10 modern glass railing inspirations!

Steel and Concrete Mono Stringer with Glass Railing

concrete and steel mono stringer with clamped glass railing and walnut railing

This modern mono stringer features a blend of walnut, concrete, steel and glass. The clamped glass railing fits perfectly.

Perchless Mono Stringer with Glass Railing

oak mono stringer with modern glass railing and oak handrail

This modern custom staircase is an oak perchless mono stringer with dadoed and standoff glass railing. The glass opens the sight lines and highlights the clean lines of the staircase.

Rustic Modern Staircase with Reclaimed Timbers

modern rustic railing with reclaimed timber posts and clamped glass railing

The glass panel railing and black powder coated hardware contrast the old rustic timbers of this stair. Rustic modern glass railing with reclaimed timbers is a beautiful contrast.

Open Rise Maple Stair with Curved Railing

open rise curved staircase with curved clamped glass railing and long balcony railing

The curved glass stair railing coupled with the long glass balcony railing infuses modern style into the entire home.

Oak and Fir Mono-Stringer

oak and fir mono stringer with glass panel railing

A custom glass railing system definitely sets this stair apart. The fir treads have the appearance of passing through the glass panel railing, accomplished through a hidden mounting system which gives the railing a clean visual appeal.

Dadoed Glass Railing

straight run staircase with carpet treads and a modern dadoed glass railing system

Modern style is achieved through bringing together dadoed glass panels, mission posts, and hampton A rail. We love the contrast and simplicity of this style.

White Oak Open Rise Staircase with Glass Railing

white oak open rise straight run staircase with glass railing and stainless steel handrail

This modern glass railing brings together 3 different glass mounting systems (standoffs, clamps, & stainless steel posts with spider brackets) to align all of the glass pieces of the railing system on one single plane.

Open Rise Walnut Stair with Curved Glass Railing

open rise curved walnut staircase with curved clamped glass railing panels and curved walnut handrail

This stair features a stainless steel post system with stunning curved clamped glass. The sweeping lines and curved glass brings a warm and modern feel to the front entry of this home.

Elegant Curved Glass Railing

elegant curved standoff glass railing feature

What a stunning canvas to work with! Our design team created a curved standoff glass “floating” oval to compliment the grand glass chandelier in the foyer. This was the perfect touch to bring elegant modern style to this home.

White Oak Mono Stringer with Glass and Stainless Steel Railing

white oak mono stringer with glass railing and stainless steel handrail

Wood, steel and glass deliver modern style to this stand off glass railing system. What a statement this railing makes.

What is the next step to bring modern railing to your home?

If this collection of glass railing styles has inspired you, take the next step to bring modern glass railing to your home by checking out this article on 5 things to know when looking into glass railing for your home. We cover a variety of practical points from defining the different glass mounting systems, to maintenance, safety, and the process of ordering railing at Specialized Stair and Rail.

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