What kind of lasting impression does your front entry leave?

It’s time to give stairs more attention. Stairs are often the feature of an entrance; the first place of welcome and greeting in a home. The entryway has the opportunity to set the feeling and tone for the rest of the home.

There are so many spaces in a home that require our attention – kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. And while they are all important, we believe the rewards are great for time invested in designing stairs and railing, with style. A staircase can tie together all aspects of your home. Not only are stairs and railing the primary focus of an entry, but they are generally visible from many areas of the home, giving them huge stylistic reach and influence. Stairs set the tone and style from the beginning, letting everything else flow from that place of inspiration.

Here are our top 5 favorite entryways:

We may be a little biased, but here is our collection of favorite staircases that were beautifully handcrafted and designed by our team. As you’ll discover, each staircase sets the style for the home.

By taking a peek in the front door of these homes, you can get a real sense of what is to come in the spaces beyond the front entry.

This white oak, mono stringer demands your attention upon arrival! The combination of warm wood tones, glass, and stainless steel handrails creates a stunningly modern and open feel.

White oak monostringer with steel and glass railing

The two-toned white oak, with both flag style balusters and eastern stringers, blend elements of contemporary and traditional craftsman style together. This staircase boasts of endless combination!

open rise white oak eastern stair

The entrance seen here embodies the neoclassical style, anchoring the same feeling that is reflected throughout this beautiful home.

neoclassical staircase

Rich wood textures and amazing grain patterns come to life in the walnut, hardwood stair and railing of this home. This entry embodies the warmth of craftsman style.

Self Supported Walnut Open Rise Stair

Modern and sophisticated, this maple staircase is the absolute center point of this home! The open rise stair, coupled with curved, long glass railing, infuses its style into the entire space.

Open Rise Maple Stair with Curved Clamped Glass Railing

The mono stringer, with stainless steel spindles, seen here, sets the tone for all that is to come in this home. Light reflecting through the windows and off the stairs speaks to the obvious fresh and modern feel.

White Oak Mono Stringer with Stainless Steel Railing

Let us help you create a lasting first impression!


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