Modern Steel and Concrete Mono Stringer with Glass Railing and Walnut Handrail

Have you seen the latest mono stringers by Specialized?

At Specialized, we continually redefining the boundaries of what is possible for mono stringer stair style and structure.

A mono stringer staircase uses a single ‘beam–like’ stringer that supports the centre of the treads from below. Due to this structural feature, mono stringers have a hold on modern stair design.

This minimalist approach offers open space, beautiful flow of light, and the feel of stairs that simply float! If you are looking for a modern stair, then the mono stringer is a trending option to consider.

Steel and Concrete Mono Stringer with Horizontal Cable Railing and Ipe Handrail

Horizontal stainless steel cable railing and continuous ipe wood handrail offer a polished industrial look to this steel mono stringer.

Typical Designs for Mono Stringers

In the past, if you wanted a modern mono stringer, you basically had 2 options to choose from:

1. The steel mono stringer – it offers industrial and modern style through its steel stringer support system and exposed hardware and joints.

2. The plywood box mono stringer – it meets the requirements of a mono with the warmth of wood. However,  it is very simplistic and limits opportunity for design.

Our design team saw a stylistic gap between these 2 options and developed a signature solid wood mono stringer to bring another design to the market.

Rustic oak and fir mono stringer

Blending rustic and modern style, this wooden mono stringer features a solid oak stringer with open rise fir treads.

Introducing Solid Wooden Mono Stringers to the Market.

After design, engineering and testing we came up with the perfect design. Our signature wood mono stringers use solid hardwood as the support beam for the staircase. This offers not only strength but flexibility in design capacity.

Our Signature Solid Wood Monos Offer:

– A cleaner more refined and stylistically diverse version of the steel mono stringer. The visible fasteners, welds, and general industrial feel of the steel mono is not appealing to every home. Our wood mono offers the same stylistic format of the steel in a perfectly clean and refined way. Our clients are loving its modern, strong and yet warm style.

– A slightly more cost efficient price tag in comparison to steel mono stringers.

– The ability to modify and expand what a mono stringer layout can look like. With flexibility in our creative manufacturing techniques we can maneuver these wood mono stringers and use incorporated self-supported landings.

With that door open, and our solid wood mono stringers gaining popularity, our design team kept pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

modern white oak mono stringer with steel and glass railing

Our signature wooden mono stringer brings fresh, modern beauty to this home.

Pushing Innovative Mono Stringer Stair Style.

At Specialized the design team can’t sit still. It’s in our lifeblood to create. With using wood as our main material, we are not stylistically bound to the typical steel mono geometry of the stringer and riser post.

As a result, we created a “perch-less” mono stringer staircase that can not be made in steel. The treads are literally notched into the stringer, eliminating the need for riser posts. This brings cleaner lines and a simpler look as the treads cantilever out of the stringer.

Our perchless mono stringer tends to work better with mitered stringers and integrated landings. It offers cleaner lines and allows us to offer more to our clients.

This innovative mono stringer has taken off! It’s appeal is so wide, even coveted to some, that we are shipping these custom stairs across North America. Even as far as Hawaii.

Signature Perchless Mono Stringer with Glass Railing

Our perchless mono stringer stair features treads that are literally notched into the stringer. This eliminates the need for them to sit on a post.

The Future of Mono Stringers at Specialized

Today, our team is drawing and envisioning unique mono stringer designs and redefining the boundaries of what is possible. At the core of who we are, we are innovators that want to meet the needs of our clients.

With modern stairs trending so hard, we want to be the team that is setting the vision for where the industry is going. There will certainly be more to come from this design team.

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