Steel and Concrete Mono Stringer with Horizontal Cable Railing and Ipe Handrail

Are you dreaming of modern stair and railing designs for your home?

You now have more options for modern railing! Changes to National Building Codes have made interior horizontal railing possible for home owners looking for modern stair styles.

Click here to see updates on Alberta code regarding stairs and ornamental guards.

Click here to see updates on British Columbia Building Code regarding stairs and railing, approved December 2018.

We are helping countless homeowners choose the perfect style of horizontal railing that brings their vision to life.

Horizontal Stainless Steel Railing on a Maple Open Rise Staircase

Warm and modern, this stunning custom staircase features a self-supported western stringer.  Note: the double posts in the corner serve as terminating points for each section of horizontal railing. 

Why consider horizontal railing?

– Very clean lines and incredible visual appeal.

– A trending change for people looking for something beyond the traditional vertical railing.

– The opportunity for high contrast minimalist style when combining elements of wood, metal, and steel.

– A safe and very practical option to modernize railing.

Horizontal Stainless Steel Railing on a Modern Red Oak Open Rise Staircase

This stair blends the warmth of oak with modern horizontal steel bars. Note: when using a horizontal railing system where the bars are offset to one side of the post as opposed to going through the post, you need to decide which side of the guardrail you want your bars.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when selecting horizontal railing for your staircase…

1. Cable railing requires maintenance. Just like piano strings need tuning, cable rail will need to be tightened with time. Horizontal bars do not require this type of upkeep.

2. There are design considerations unique to horizontal railing so take extra time in the design phase to work out these details. For example, the need for more posts both for use in breaking up the long horizontal spans and for places were 2 different sections of railing meet.

3. Horizontal solid bars can be installed on a curved railing but cable railing can not. Curved horizontal bars can create a stunning custom modern railing.

Horizontal Cable Rail Featured on a Steel and Concrete Mono Stringer

This steel and concrete mono stringer features a substantial turnbuckle cable rail system stylistically highlighting the industrial function of cable rail.

For more inspiration check out our gallery here.

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