Raw Materials: The Foundation


A high-quality stair must start with high-quality wood.

Hardwood from trees such as maple, walnut, oak and cherry offer gorgeous color and grain patterns while rare woods such as sapele and tigerwood can add an extra wow factor.

At Specialized Stairs, we work with the best wood suppliers and choose their premium products that showcase a wood’s natural beauty.

Design: Bringing Ideas to Life


Crafting custom stair and railing requires melding your design goals with the realities of your home.

We want to hear your vision and will enhance those ideas to make sure you stair’s beauty takes center stage.

At Specialized Stairs, we have 25 years of expertise creating stellar staircases with innovative beauty that is unparalleled. See for yourself by exploring our gallery.

I would recommend them for any new project or renovation. They’ve been an asset in setting us apart with our custom stair railings. They offer the latest products and design options in the industry with the craftsmanship you do not typically see with most suppliers in the industry.

Kathy, Homes by Design Innovations Inc.

Build: Concept to Reality 


The precision of seasoned craftsmen is essential to building beautiful, custom stairs.

Cutting corners, even small ones, can lead to poor quality and future problems. For example, we grain match our posts and railing. To ensure tight joints we mortise our spindles so fasteners are not visible on our stairs.

At Specialized Stairs, we don’t cut corners. That’s why all of our stair components are designed and built in-house – including the curved glass used in our staircases.

Install: Bringing it All Together 


While the story of a quality stair may seem finished once built, it’s the installation that brings a stair to life.  

Installers are expert woodworkers who take quality railing components built in our shop and meld them to your staircase with beauty and craftsmanship. They can solve problems onsite and install railing with precision.

At Specialized Stairs, we hire only top-rate installers who bring decades of experience to every job.

We Deliver More Value

We take pride in each stair we build. With over 75 collective years of stair-building experience, we’ve developed systems and perfected techniques to deliver amazing stairs time and again.


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