A Custom Craftsman Railing Project
For this stair railing project, we helped a homeowner capture the beauty of his 1914 stain glass window by creating a custom newel post design. Take a client’s vision for railing, collaborate on design and add master craftsmanship, that’s the Specialized way.

The story behind this custom craftsman railing:

This stair and railing project was special right from the beginning. Our clients had a specific vision for their craftsman style railing inspired by a family heirloom.

They had an old 1914 antique stained glass window from their family home in Barrie, Ontario and wanted to carry some of its style through their home. So we met and discussed how designing custom craftsman newel posts for their stair railing could achieve their goal.

Stained Glass Window inspiration
An antique stain glass window was the inspiration for railing style..

The process of creating custom craftsman railing:

First, we collaborated together on design.  Our client had a  mock-up for his vision on paper and we took it to our drawing board to create a completely custom stair post design.

After we completed the design, it was time to choose materials. The clients wanted to use a natural finish to enhance the organic beauty of the wood so we chose wood species that contrast well in their natural raw state (sapele and white oak).

Next, we passed off the design to our team of craftsmen who made 6 ½ inch maple posts with a handcrafted pattern inlays. We are so proud of how the style of the antique window translated to the pattern on the custom newel posts.

A Picture of a 6 1/2" Custom Craftsman Inlaid Newel Post

This custom newel post features the type of hands-on craftsmanship that sets the team at Specialized apart.

Final selections come together for this custom craftsman railing:

From this point in the project, we helped our clients choose railing components to complete their craftsman railing package.

Our clients came to our showroom to touch and see our railing selections. They chose grouped Flag and Blank iron spindles, iron and wood contrast so well. Next, they chose Gibson handrail as its profile compliments the square lines in the spindles.

This craftsman railing package has timeless style and tells the story of a time gone by.

What story do you want your stairs to tell?

Lets get together and discuss your stair and railing project. Send an email to info@specializedstairs.com

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